Join us in commemorating the 61st observation of Africa Day with U.S. Africa Diaspora Summit.

Each year, bright, optimistic Africans leave home to earn an education or seek a better economic life abroad for themselves and their families. With fewer opportunities in their home country, many never return home. Globally, Africans in the diaspora are spread out across the continents. In North America, there are 39 million from the African Diaspora; 113 million in Latin America; 13.6 million in the Caribbean; and 3.5 million in Europe, the World Bank estimates.

No matter how they arrived in their adopted country, diasporans bring a distinct perspective to the discourse on Africa because they have experienced both worlds and can serve as a bridge in fostering greater understanding between the continent and their adopted country. Africans in the diaspora have so much to offer the continent, boosting one of the world’s fastest-growing economic regions – six of the 10 fastest growing markets in the world are in sub-Saharan Africa. Mobilizing the full participation of Africans in the diaspora is a win-win for Africa, and can foster stronger connections between continents to accelerate Africa’s social and economic development.

The new generation of Africans in Diaspora are also becoming aware of their modern history and of the triumphs and tragedies that Africa has faced in the past centuries. The African Day celebration create, maintain and increase awareness for the public at large on SAiD INSTITUTE theme of the year 2024 Africa Day “UNLOCKING AFRICA’S POTENTIAL THROUGH DIASPORA ENGAGEMENT AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP DEVELOPMENT.” as well as showcases the cultural and ethnic traditions of African countries and the African diaspora, with a mission to enlighten, entertain and bring people together in peace, love and unity. Our purpose for “U.S. Africa Diaspora Summit / Africa Day 2024” is to connect people in ways that build understanding, dispel stereotypes and generate pride among the generations who participate in our shared experiences.

Don’t miss out on exclusive panels and discussions on the hottest trends with industry leaders in culture, entertainment, business, technology, and policy. Our heartfelt thanks to everyone who is set to join us in Houston. Together, let’s make 2024 Africa Day weekend legendary.


New Narratives of Africa
Friday, May 24 / 7PM.
The panel will explore intricate dynamics, new stories ideas and mobilizing African Art and cultural movements on the Global stage.

Bridges to the Diaspora + Shared Purpose
Saturday, May 25 / 12PM
As we develop the next generation of global Black diaspora and ethical entrepreneurial leaders, we are committed to providing platforms for Africans in Diaspora to express their ideas as they impact societies.

Rekindling Our bonds + Conversational Dinner
Saturday, May 25 / 7PM
Conversational Dinner on identities and relationship between Africans and African Americans. A dinner that brings together educators, artists, intellectuals, the private sector, civil society and youth and more from the global Black Diaspora.
Space for in-person participation at the Rekindling Our bonds – Conversational Dinner is limited. If you wish to participate in person, kindly get your ticket as soon as possible.

Passport To Africa + Wear Yourself
Sunday, May 26 / 6PM
Welcome to the Africa Day Soiree, a grand celebration. Celebrating the outstanding creativity, ingenuity, and global impact of African fashion from the start of the independence era to today,

Society for Africans in the Diaspora (SAiD INSTITUTE)
12126 Westheimer Rd #118, Houston, TX 77077



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