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In seeking new ways of building mutual understanding between the Africa and U.S., SAID is undertaking projects and events which explore areas of common interest and divergent views between the two regions, focusing on policy, culture, business, media, economics, energy and the environment. The project brings together experts, stakeholders, and participants in education, culture, philanthropy, arts, and media to discuss issues in a U.S.- Africa context.


Each year, SAID selects a class of 10 candidates for the LET Initiative. The LET class is a core group of young leaders representing multiple countries and a wide range of fields. The group meets during the Annual UNGA Summit each September where they explore critical issues and engage with our global partners. The Summit begins with a day dedicated to welcoming members of the incoming class, followed by a two-day forum for all members of the LET Network.


Our Educational Program gives African and American students from prestigious schools and institutions the opportunity for cultural exchanges and professional development in the fields of leadership, business management, technology and art.


Reading and documentation space which stocks a wide variety of books/Art on African Diasporas and Africa as a whole. SAiD will organize book fairs as well as lectures on selected topics.