Society For Africans In the Diaspora (SAiD) encourages you to tell us about someone you believe deserves consideration to be honored at the 2019 African Diaspora Awards by nominating them.
The Entry period will run from September 2,2019

Judging Critera

  • 01
    The applicant demonstrates that s/he has directly and individually fueled the success of his/her work. African Diaspora Award winners are program founders and/or leading activist/advocates. Their involvement and leadership are integral to the success of their program or cause.
  • 02
    The applicant has created great awareness about his/her brand. S/he exhibit excellent communication and creative skills, which they use to motivate and mobilize community members, promote their brand, and develop relationships with media, government, other not-for-profits, individuals, and funders.
  • 03
    The applicant is confident and enthusiastic about being a leader. African Diaspora Award winners aren't reluctant heroes. They are confident, honest, and passionate leaders who take on challenges for the greater good.


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