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For over a decade, Applause Africa has been committed to advancing social enterprise and supporting new ideas from the emerging generation of leaders. Through various publications and cover stories, our platform has amplified the voices of prestigious African professionals who are committed to solving social issues, improving leadership and transforming their communities.


Our groundbreaking effort to inspire and empower the next generation of African leaders in , the African Diaspora Awards is a special initiative that aims to celebrate exemplary individuals who have made a significant difference in the African community in the United States. The ADA Awards aims to identify and celebrate notable Africans that have genuinely excelled in various spheres of life, as well as individuals in society who have contributed to the advancement of Africans in the Diaspora and Africa as a whole.


Explore and discover
the culture, art and
history of Africans.


African Exchange is an invitation-only convening of business leaders to discuss important topics on business in Africa. Through a series of events, we offer workshops, Residential Labs, mentoring from accomplished entrepreneurs, and ongoing support to advance business development and enable civic leadership.. African Exchange is a commitment to amplify African voices and ideas to create sustainable business solutions.

Leaders of change

Nelson Mandela once said that education is the most powerful weapon that can be used to change the world. In the spirit of South Africa’s first black president and his life and legacy of academic values, SAiD will host its inaugural launch on Mandela Day 2018. This year, as we celebrate 100 years since Nelson Mandela’s birth, we ask you to join us in our educational campaign, Leaders of Change: “The Future is not War, The future is Education for All”.  The campaign is a celebration of our collective power to create a global movement for good and make a positive impact on the world through reading. Reading can give us new ideas, deepen our knowledge of the world around us, and inspire us with stories of great achievement and endurance, like Nelson Mandela.

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