African Diaspora
and Its Influence

Society for Africans in Diaspora ( SAID INSTITUTE ), it is a non-profit organization that amplifies the global contributions of Africans in the diaspora through education and community-building programs that dispel misinformation and encourages healthy civic engagement and collaborations. Our mandate is to build bridges of understanding between Africans and Americans.

Through our various events and educational programs, SAiD Institute strive to promote mutual understanding and partnerships among peoples, leaders and institutions of Africa and the United States in a global context. The Institute continues to be a unique educative and community staple in the Texas and New York.

Society for Africans in Diaspora ( SAiD Institute Pan African Library ), is also a premier learning and civic destination for those looking for an immersive and definitive African cultural experience.

Our vision is that in an interconnected global era, all People of African descent from all countries and cultures will have the capacity to create, participate in, and benefit from a peaceful and prosperous world.

We hope to work with leaders, educators, school districts, parents, and communities to ensure that they have the tools and support they need to understand that our birthplace should not determine our future. The world is global, and we should better prepare our global communities for our global future.